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Math Circle Presentations

Math Circles is a weekly enrichment activity for grade 6 to 12 students organized by the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Waterloo.

Information about the audience, dates and location.

Listed below are summaries of previous weekly presentations and related student exercises for the Grade 7/8 classes. These resources are provided for both students and teachers. Please use them!

Grade 7/8

Fall 2022 Winter 2023
Recursive Sequences [pdf, prob set, solns]
Mathematical Logic [pdf, prob set, solns]
Radians [pdf, prob set, solns]
Gauss Prep [pdf, prob set & solns]
Induction [pdf, prob set, solns]
Modular Arithmetic [pdf, prob set, solns]
Complex Numbers [pdf, prob set, solns]
Jeopardy [pdf]
Circle Geometry [pdf, prob set, solns]
Prime Factorization [pdf, probs set, solns]
Musical Scales [pdf, prob set, solns]
BCC/Gauss Prep [pdf, prob set, solns]
Recursion and Stack ADTs [pdf, prob set, solns]
Trigonometry [pdf, prob set, solns]
Vectors [pdf, prob set, solns]

Fall 2021 Winter 2022
Probability [pdf, prob set, solns]
Systems of Equations [pdf, prob set, solns]
Sequences [pdf, prob set, solns]
Polygonal Numbers [pdf, prob set, solns]
Counting Systems [pdf, prob set, solns]
Game Theory [pdf, prob set, solns]
Ancient Mathematics [pdf, prob set, solns]
Boolean Algebra [pdf, prob set, solns]
Graph Theory [pdf, prob set, solns, extension]
Inequalities and Absolute Values [pdf, prob set, solns, extension]

Fall 2020 Winter 2021
BCC Prep - Problem Set [pdf, prob set, solns]
BCC Graph Theory Proofs [pdf, prob set, solns]
Propositions and Control Flow [pdf, prob set, solns]
Algorithms [pdf, prob set, solns]
Intro to Vectors [pdf, prob set, solns]
Interest [pdf, prob set, solns]
Random Sampling [pdf, prob set, solns]
Confidence Intervals [pdf, prob set, solns]
Significance Testing [pdf, prob set, solns]
Squares & Radicals [pdf, prob set, solns]
Triangles [pdf, prob set, solns]
Turing Machines [pdf, prob set, solns]

Fall 2019 Winter 2020
Triangles [pdf, solns]
Circles [pdf, solns]
Physics [pdf, solns]
Probability [pdf, solns]
Group Theory [pdf, solns]
Modular Arithmetic [pdf, solns]
Introduction to Computer Science [pdf, solns]
Jeopardy [pdf, solns]
Earth Circumference [pdf, solns]
Fractals [pdf, solns]
Infinite Series [pdf, solns]
Unsolved Problems [pdf, solns]
Applications [pdf, solns]
Infinity [pdf, solns]
General Relativity & Black Holes [pdf, solns]

Fall 2018 Winter 2019
Angles & Light [pdf, solns]
Matrices [pdf, solns]
Qualitative Graph Analysis [pdf, solns]
Boolean Logic [pdf, solns
Coordinate Systems [pdf, solns]
Introduction to Special Relativity [pdf, solns]
Symmetry and Music [pdf, solns]
Jeopardy [pdf, solns]
Ruler Compass [pdf, solns]
Complex Numbers [pdf, solns]
Exponentiation [pdf, solns]
Pythagorean Theorem [pdf, solns]
Inequalities [pdf, solns]
Cryptography [pdf, solns]
Gauss Prep [pdf, prob set, solns]
Math Jeopardy [pdf, solns]

Fall 2017 Winter 2018
Series & Polygonal Numbers [pdf, solns]
Angles & Circles [pdf, solns]
Probability [pdf, solns]
Graph Theory [pdf, solns]
Scientific Equations [pdf, solns]
Estimations [pdf, solns]
The Scale of Numbers [pdf, solns]
Math Jeopardy [pdf, solns]
Mental Math [pdf, solns]
Circuits [pdf, solns]
Geometry [pdf, solns]
Mathematicial Magic [pdf]
Math of Voting [pdf, solns]
Types of Numbers [pdf, solns]
Word Problems [pdf, solns]
Jeopardy [pdf, solns]

Fall 2016 Winter 2017
Mathematical Puzzles [pdf, solns, video]
Continued Fractions [pdf, solns, video]
Sequences [pdf, solns, video]
Visual Group Theory [pdf, solns, video]
The Matrix [pdf, solns, video]
Combinatorial Counting [pdf, solns]
Areas of Triangles [pdf, solns, video]
Math Jeopardy [pdf, solns, video]
Number Theory [pdf, solns]
Game Theory [pdf, solns]
Sets [pdf, solns]
Fractals [pdf, solns]
Spatial Visualization and Origami [pdf, solns]
Geometric Arithmetic [pdf, solns]
Math Olympics [pdf, solns]
Gauss Prep [pdf, solns]

Fall 2015 Winter 2016
Greek Constructions [pdf, solns, video]
Graph Theory [pdf, solns, video]
Computer Science Algorithms [pdf, solns, video]
Combinatorial Games [pdf, solns, video]
Escher Tessellations [pdf, solns, video]
Logic [pdf, solns, video]
Knot Theory [pdf, solns, video]
Review [pdf, solns]
Logic Puzzles [pdf, solns, video]
Modular Arithmetic [pdf, solns, video]
Create Your Own Business [pdf, video]
Number Theory [pdf, solns, video]
Word Problems [pdf, solns, video]
Physics [pdf, solns, video]
Mathematical Thinking [pdf, solns, video]
Review [pdf, solns]

Fall 2014 Winter 2015
Exponents and Roots [pdf, solns, video]
Angles [pdf, solns, video]
Sequence [pdf, solns, video]
Series [pdf, solns, video]
Pythagorean Theorem [pdf, solns, video]
How We Make Money [pdf, solns, video]
Game Theory [pdf, solns, video]
Gauss Prep [pdf, solns]
Arithmetic Aerobics [pdf, solns, video]
Pi [pdf, solns, video]
Circle Geometry [pdf, solns, video]
Kinematics [pdf, solns, video]
Types of Numbers [pdf, solns, video]
Number Theory [pdf, solns, video]
Cryptography [pdf, solns, video]
Math Jeopardy [pdf, solns]

Fall 2013 Winter 2014
Algebra [pdf, solns, video]
History of Numbers [ pdf, solns, video]
Finance [pdf, solns, video]
Logic Puzzles [pdf, solns, video]
Similarity & Congruence [pdf, solns, video]
Mathematical Gems [pdf, solns, video]
Mathematical Games [pdf, solns, video]
Origami Math Trivia [pdf, solns, video]
Operations with Sets [pdf, solns, video]
Counting I [pdf, solns, video]
Counting II [pdf, solns, video]
Probability [pdf, solns, video]
Graph Theory I [pdf, solns, video]
Graph Theory II [pdf, solns, video]
Gauss Prep [pdf, solns, video]
Modular Arithmetic [pdf, solns, video]

Fall 2012 Winter 2013
Sequences and Series [pdf, solns]
Sets and Venn Diagrams [pdf, solns]
Counting [pdf, solns]
Geometric Arithmetic [pdf, solns]
Cryptography [pdf, solns]
Factors and Primes [pdf, solns]
Probability [pdf, solns]
Gauss Math Contest [pdf, solns]
Fibonacci Series [pdf, solns]
Pascals Triangle [pdf, solns]
2D Geometry [pdf, solns]
3D Geometry [pdf, solns]
Graph Theory [pdf, solns]
Circles, Circles, Circles [pdf, solns]
Gauss Preparation [pdf, solns]
Review Challenge [pdf, problem set, solns]

Fall 2011 Winter 2012
Mental Division [pdf, solns]
Modular Arithmetic [pdf, solns]
Prime Numbers [pdf, solns]
Fractals [pdf, solns]
Dimensional Analysis [pdf, solns]
Logic Puzzles [pdf, solns]
Polygonal Numbers [pdf, solns]
Jeopardy [pdf, solns]
Speedy, Speedy Arithmetic [pdf, solns]
Ancient Geometric Constructions [pdf, solns]
Algebraic Approaches [pdf, solns]
Spatial Visualization and Origami [pdf, solns]
Introduction to Graph Theory [pdf, solns]
Circuits [pdf, solns]
Gauss Contest Preparation [pdf, solns]
Math Olympics [pdf, solns]

Fall 2010 Winter 2011
Graphs and Transformations [pdf, solns]
Percents and Ratios [pdf, solns]
Statistics I [pdf, solns]
Statistics II [pdf, solns]
Pascal's Triangle [pdf, solns]
Number Theory [pdf]
Logic [pdf]
Game Theory [pdf, solns]
Cryptography and Binary Numbers [pdf, solns]
Commission, Taxes & Discounts [pdf, solns]
Markup & Markdown [pdf, solns]
Probability I [pdf, solns]
Probability II [pdf, solns]
Gauss Contest Preparation [pdf, solns]
Jeopardy [pdf, solns]

Fall 2009 Winter 2010
Counting [pdf, download mp3]
Sets [pdf, download mp3]
Probability [pdf, download mp3]
Algebra I [pdf, download mp3]
Algebra II [pdf, download mp3]
2D Geometry I [summary, lesson, download mp3]
2D Geometry II [pdf, download mp3]
2D Geometry III [pdf, download mp3]
Number Theory I [pdf, download mp3]
Number Theory II [pdf, download mp3]
Exponents [pdf, download mp3]
Patterns [pdf, download mp3]
3D Geometry I [pdf, download mp3]
3D Geometry II [pdf, download mp3]
Data Analysis [pdf, download mp3]
Gauss Preparation [pdf]

Previous Weekly Presentations and Related Student Exercises

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