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Conferences for Math Teachers - Winnipeg

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The Winnipeg Math Teachers Conference  
is cancelled for the year 2020.

Visit our Coronavirus Information webpage for more details.

In August 2020, the CEMC will offer teachers' conferences in Winnipeg. The conferences focus on curriculum, extensions and enrichment aimed at university preparation. The sessions on curriculum will focus on problem solving.

Intended Audiences

The Math Teachers' Conference for grade 7 and 8 teachers benefit teachers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwest Ontario.

The Math Teachers' conference for grades 9 to 12 are directed towards university preparation and benefit teachers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwest Ontario.

Dates and Location

The conference will be held at St. John's Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg.


Grades 7 to 8.
Grades 9 to 12.


Online registration will open in late April 2021. We anticipate that this popular event will be oversubscribed. It is better to register early as registration may close before the end of May, if the maximum number of participates is reached.


The registration fee is $120 including Wednesday snacks, lunch, supper, and Thursday snacks and lunch. A small number of rooms for accommodation (double occupancy) at a nearby hotel are available. Single occupancy may be possible, but will incur an additional fee.


For more information, please contact Judith Koeller.