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Seeing Possibilities and Rewards in Computer Science

Collage of Sparcs events

Quotes From Past Participants

"I learned about Computer Science of course, but really appreciated learning about possible career options now known to me. This Workshop also allowed me to get a glimpse of university life. It was a really unique experience."

"This is such an amazing idea, and a wonderful way to make life long friends from all over Canada."

"I really enjoyed this opportunity. I would like to thank anyone involved in the selection process for letting me have this beneficial time at UW. I know that this will help me so much in the future - choosing the proper career and where to pursue my career. I had a great time and I'm sure that whoever attends did and always will take something positive from here!"

"This Workshop was so much fun; it was an amazing way to learn about CS and meet new people."

"I learned so much! It was really beneficial. Most importantly, I learned what computer science really is as well as its many uses."

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