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Master of Mathematics for Teachers

The Master of Mathematics for Teachers (MMT) program offers teachers the unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of the core foundations of mathematics — online and at their own pace. Designed to strengthen teachers’ knowledge of mathematics and its applications, the MMT combines flexibility with world-class education to deliver a rich learning experience. The program equips graduates to engage their students with renewed confidence and enthusiasm.

This fully online program is designed for secondary-school teachers who wish to:

  • Grow their understanding of the mathematical foundations of core secondary-school curricula
  • Discover exciting applications of mathematics like cryptography and music
  • Explore new and innovative ways to bring their knowledge into the classroom

MMT at a Glance

  • Fully online — study anywhere
  • Part time — learn at your own pace
  • Advance your knowledge
  • Tailored to secondary-school teachers
  • World-class instruction
  • Grow your confidence

Program Overview

The primary focus of the MMT program is mathematics and its applications rather than pedagogy. Some of the material and tasks in each course will be directly applicable to daily classroom teaching, but much is intended to build teachers’ confidence in mathematics by strengthening their knowledge base.

This program is designed for secondary-school mathematics teachers. The focus on the secondary-school mathematics curriculum might also make the program a good fit for other educators who teach secondary school-level math. It’s expected that applicants will have been away from formal education for several years at the time of enrollment.

Teachers from around the world enroll in the MMT.

The MMT is a fully online professional program offered on a part-time basis. Due to the sequence of courses offered, students begin the program in September.

Students typically complete the program in three years, but depending on students’ needs, the MMT can be completed more quickly or more slowly.

Students complete the equivalent of nine full-term courses, including a project-based capstone. Out of these courses, only the equivalent of three full-term courses are required. Students have the flexibility to choose the remainder of their courses from the program’s course offerings.

Students in the MMT program benefit from the strength and breadth of the University of Waterloo’s world-renowned Faculty of Mathematics and the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, Canada’s leader in mathematics education outreach. Our faculty are experienced, award-winning educators with a passion for mathematics and computer science education.

Here are just some of the courses we offer:

  • Problem Solving and Mathematical Discovery
  • Foundations of Calculus
  • History of Mathematics
  • Number Theory for Teachers
  • Cryptography
  • Statistics for Teachers
  • Mathematics for Global Citizens
  • Math and Music

To see the courses that we anticipate offering over the next two years, visit MMT Courses.

Tuition is now $1085.00 for a full-term course and $542.50 for a half-term course. Students can expect to pay under $1200.00 CAD per course, which includes fees and the cost of textbooks and other materials. To graduate, students complete the equivalent of nine full-term courses. See the University of Waterloo’s graduate program tuition for more information.

Many Canadian residents qualify for a tax break. Please consult the Canada Revenue Agency.

We encourage all students to inquire with their tax authority as well as their school board or Ministry of Education (or the equivalent) about any tax benefits that may result from participation in the program or any professional development subsidies that may offset or cover its cost.

MMT scholarships (applications for 2023 will open in late 2022):

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Hold a four-year degree (or equivalent) with sufficient university-level mathematical background (normally at least three or four university-level mathematics courses).
  • Have at least one year of prior work experience in education, with preference given to those actively teaching in mathematics, science or computer science at the time of application.
  • Provide certification of English language proficiency through one of the accepted examinations if they have not completed three or more years of post-secondary work at a Canadian institution or at an institution at which English was the primary language of instruction, or if they have not been employed for a similar period of time in a position in which English was the primary language of business.

There is one admission cycle per year. The application deadline is June 15 and students must begin the program in September due to the sequence of courses offered.

Applicants must apply through the University of Waterloo’s online application process. Visit Applying to the MMT to learn how to apply and about the documentation required.

“The professors delivering the courses were excellent and extremely available and understanding of the wide range of backgrounds of their students. . . . I am a more confident teacher since starting the MMT and find
myself often referring to what I have learned.”

— MMT Graduate, Whitehorse, Yukon

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