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Master of Mathematics for Teachers

Admission and Registration

Yes, students who have a three year degree plus one additional year of university education will be considered to have met the requirement of a 4-year degree or equivalent.

In some cases, yes, particularly if you have been out of school for at least three years. In such cases, an applicant’s professional experience and accomplishments will play an augmented role in the admissions process.

Two letters of reference are required. These can be from School Administrators, Department Heads, or senior colleagues.

To be accepted for admission to begin in September, a student’s application must be completed by June 15th of the same academic year.

Normally, teachers who have taken at least three or four university level mathematics courses are deemed to have "sufficient" background to be admissible, assuming that they meet the other admission criteria.

Cost of the Program

Tuition is now $1085.00 for a full-term course (.5 units) and $542.50 for a half-term course (.25 units).

Students can expect to pay under $1200.00 CAD per course (including fees and the cost of textbooks and other materials). See the University of Waterloo’s graduate program tuition for more information.

Students can expect to pay under $1200.00 CAD per course. This includes tuition, fees and the cost of textbooks and other materials. Currently, there are roughly $45 in incidental fees per term. See the University of Waterloo’s graduate program tuition for more information.

The cost of textbooks and software will vary by course, but we make every attempt to keep these to a minimum.

For most Canadian residents, the answer is yes. Please consult the Canada Revenue Agency. Students in other countries are encouraged to inquire with their local tax authority about any tax benefits that may result from participation in the program.


You must take the equivalent of 9 full semester (0.5 unit) courses including:

  • MATH 600 (Introduction to Mathematical Software for Teachers) (0.25 units)
  • MATH 692 (Reading, Writing and Discovering Proofs) (0.25 units)
  • MATH 681 (Problem Solving and Mathematical Discovery) (0.5 units)
  • MATH 699 (Master of Mathematics for Teachers Capstone) (0.5 units)

A list of currently approved courses is available. To see the courses that we anticipate offering over the next two years, visit MMT Courses.

This number will vary from term to term and with enrolment. Currently, we offer at least six courses each term.

There is no minimum or maximum number of courses required per term or per year. However, if you will not be taking at least one course in a particular term you will be asked to make a formal request prior to the beginning of the term which is typically approved.

This will certainly vary from individual to individual. The degree could be completed in as few as five terms, but we expect that most students will complete all of the requirements in two to four years.

The answer will vary course to course and student to student. However, we are conscious that most of our students will be working full time. As such we are expecting that most courses will require about 12 to 15 hours per week to complete.

Because these are online courses, each student will typically have some flexibility in determining when they wish to schedule their course related activities within the fixed deadlines for a given course.

No. The program has no residency requirement. The program is completed entirely by distance education.

The mark required to pass an MMT course is 70% and most students achieve marks above 80% in most courses. Students capable of succeeding in the program can expect to receive marks of 70% or higher in their courses by demonstrating a solid grasp of the material. The courses are designed so that students wishing to devote more of their time can achieve marks that are higher. In almost all cases, we anticipate that marks from individual courses will not be relevant beyond the program.

General Questions

The MMT is a fully online, asynchronous program with no need to come to the Waterloo campus for any part of the program.

This program is a professional master’s degree targeted at Mathematics Teachers. It is not designed to prepare a student to enter a Ph.D. program in Mathematics. It is possible that this program might be appropriate for students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. If a PhD is your end goal, we recommend that you check with PhD programs in which you might be interested to find out if the MMT could be suitable to lead towards their program.

Generally, the answer to this question is no. However, we urge you to look carefully at the requirements for certification in the jurisdiction in which you reside or wish to work.

Three scholarships are intended for MMT students: the MMT Indigenous Scholarships, Agibcona Award, and Scotiabank MMT Scholarship. Application forms for these awards are normally posted by January.

You can contact the MMT.