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Problem of the Week
Problem A
The Wandering Cow

Mme Kennedy lives on a farm with her favourite cow, Mimi. One day, there is a lot of wind and the fence around Mimi’s paddock blows down, so Mimi decides to go exploring.

She leaves at 3:20 p.m. and walks toward the neighbouring farm. It takes her 35 minutes to get there. She visits with her friend Maisie the pig for 18 minutes. Instead of going straight home, she wanders over to a pasture, which is a 26 minute walk. Here she enjoys the delicious green grass and eats for 8 minutes.

At the time Mimi starts eating the grass, Mme Kennedy goes to milk Mimi and notices the broken fence and the missing cow. She hops on her horse, finds Mimi in the pasture, and leads Mimi back to her own paddock. From the time she notices that Mimi was missing, it takes Mme Kennedy 17 minutes to find Mimi and return home.

  1. How long was Mimi gone from her paddock for?

  2. What time did Mimi arrive back at her paddock?