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Problem of the Week
Problem A
Trading Treats

Owen went to his neighbourhood convenience store where he bought \(25\) small packages of different kinds of candy. After counting the candies in his purchase, he calculated that he had \(100\) candies in total.

  1. If each package contained the same amount of candy, how many candies were in each package?

  2. Owen decided to give one-fifth of the candy that evening to his brother, Clive. Owen saved the rest for another day. How many candies did he give to Clive?

  3. The following day, his sister Charlotte bought some candy. Charlotte had a lot of sour cherries, which Owen adores. Owen had many red lollipops, which are Charlotte’s favourite candy. They decided that one lollipop was worth two sour cherries. Owen traded \(25\) of his lollipops for sour cherries. How many sour cherries did he receive from Charlotte?

  4. After the trade, Owen eats the same amount of candy each day until his candy is finished. This takes 3 weeks. How many candies does he eat each day?