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Problem of the Week
Problem B
When Lightning Flashes, is it Raining?

  1. Plot the following ordered pairs on the Cartesian plane below. Join each point to the next with a straight line.

    \((2,0)\), \((4,4)\), \((3,4)\), \((5,6)\), \((4,6)\), \((6,8)\), \((5,8)\), \((8,10)\), \((7,9)\), \((8,9)\), \((6,7)\), \((7,7)\), \((5,5)\), \((6,5)\), \((4,3)\), \((5,3)\), \((2,0)\)

    A Cartesian coordinate grid. The numbers 0 through 10 are marked on the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. Grid lines are drawn forming a 10 by 10 grid of 1 by 1 squares.

  2. Estimate how many square units are enclosed by the figure created in part a) by counting whole squares and combining partial squares to make whole squares.

  3. Using your estimate from part b), estimate the percent of the entire grid that is occupied by the enclosed shape.

Not printing this page? You can plot the points on our interactive worksheet.