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Problem B
Skyline Numbers

On June 3, 1989 the SkyDome (now known as the Rogers Centre) opened its doors to the public.

  1. The Toronto Blue Jays played their first World Series game at the SkyDome on October 20, 1992. How many days was this after the opening of the SkyDome? Don’t forget that 1992 was a leap year.

  2. The overall cost of the SkyDome was \(\$570\) million. If construction officially began on October 3, 1986, how much money was spent on average each month from the date construction began until its opening?

  3. If the original builders were expecting the total cost of \(\$570\) million to average to a cost of \(\$15\) million per year over the lifetime of the SkyDome, for how many years did the original builders expect the SkyDome to last?