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Problem of the Week
Problem A
Measure Me

Arezoo, Femke, Jackson, Nya, and Elisabeth made a table that recorded their heights at different stages of their lives.

Name Height at Birth Height at Age 6 Adult Height
Arezoo \(44\) cm \(106\) cm \(1.51\) m
Femke \(47\) cm \(104\) cm \(153\) cm
Jackson \(49\) cm \(108\) cm \(2\) m
Nya \(48\) cm \(1.11\) m \(189\) cm
Elisabeth \(52\) cm \(1\) m and \(19\) cm \(1.84\) m
  1. Who grew the most between birth and age \(6\)? Who grew the least between birth and age \(6\)? Justify your answers.

  2. Using estimation, arrange the list of friends from least growth to most growth from age \(6\) to adulthood.

Themes: Geometry, Number Sense