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Problem of the Week
Problem A

Canadian prices are normally in dollars and cents, with the dollar amount appearing before the decimal point and the cents amount appearing after the decimal point.

Zahra has a store that has decided to get rid of cents in their pricing. This means that all new prices will be rounded to the nearest dollar amount so that each price ends with \(.00\).

These are some of the items in her store as well as their original prices:

Item Price
Rollerblades \(\$54.59\)
Helmet \(\$25.25\)
Elbow Pads \(\$15.88\)
Skateboard \(\$75.75\)
Bicycle \(\$105.32\)
Bike Lock \(\$25.44\)
Wrist Guards \(\$20.99\)
  1. What will the new price of each item be?

  2. If she sells one of each type of item, will Zahra be making more money or less money than before? Justify your answer.

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