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Problem of the Week
Problem A
Carroll Diagram

Carroll diagrams are tables that you use to sort objects based on two properties. The table has two rows and two columns. The rows are for sorting based on whether or not the one property is present and the columns are for sorting based on whether or not the second property is present. At the intersection of a row and column is a cell that contains objects that have both properties identified by the row and column labels.

Arrange the following numbers into the Carroll diagram below: \[12, 63, 15, 150, 56, 30, 55, 21, 88, 72\]

Even Number Odd Number
Multiple of 3 \(12\)
Not a Multiple of 3

The first number has been placed in the diagram already. The number \(12\) has been added to the cell that is at the intersection of the "Even Number" column and the "Multiple of \(3\)" row.

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