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Problem of the Week
Problem B
Jumping Jacks with Jym

Jym’s class has been working on jumping jacks and charting their progress. The mean (average) for the class was determined using each student’s information, giving a value of \(40\) jumping jacks (JJs) per minute.

Over \(10\) days, Jym measured how many jumping jacks he can do in one session, and how long it took him to do them. The tables below show his results.

Day Number of JJs Time taken JJs per minute
\(1\) \(32\) \(58\) s
\(2\) \(32\) \(57\) s
\(3\) \(34\) \(59\) s
\(4\) \(35\) \(57\) s
\(5\) \(40\) \(1\) min \(2\) s
Day Number of JJs Time taken JJs per minute
\(6\) \(42\) \(1\) min \(5\) s
\(7\) \(40\) \(58\) s
\(8\) \(45\) \(1\) min \(2\) s
\(9\) \(46\) \(1\) min
\(10\) \(48\) \(1\) min
  1. Complete the tables by finding Jym's JJs per minute for each day, rounding to the nearest decimal.

  2. Calculate the mean of the values you found in (a). How does this mean for Jym compare to the rest of his class?

  3. Which type of graph would be most appropriate to show Jym's improvement over time? Create a suitable graph with appropriate labels.

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