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Problem of the Week
Problem B
Trucks, Bikes, and Cars

Mohammed wants to graph a record of the traffic that goes by his house between \(4\):\(30\) p.m. and \(4\):\(40\) p.m. He creates a data collection sheet and collects the following data while standing on the sidewalk beside his home during that period.

Time Vehicle
\(4\):\(30\).\(12\) Car
\(4\):\(30\).\(43\) Car
\(4\):\(31\).\(24\) Truck
\(4\):\(31\).\(58\) Bicycle
\(4\):\(32\).\(34\) Car
\(4\):\(33\).\(08\) Car
Time Vehicle
\(4\):\(33\).\(37\) Truck
\(4\):\(34\).\(21\) Car
\(4\):\(34\).\(52\) Car
\(4\):\(35\).\(23\) Car
\(4\):\(36\).\(14\) Bicycle
\(4\):\(36\).\(45\) Truck
Time Vehicle
\(4\):\(37\).\(29\) Car
\(4\):\(38\).\(36\) Bicycle
\(4\):\(39\).\(16\) Truck
\(4\):\(39\).\(48\) Car
\(4\):\(40\).\(10\) Car
\(4\):\(40\).\(38\) Car

  1. Is the data Mohammed collected primary or secondary data?

  2. What type of graph or plot would be appropriate to display this data?

  3. Create this graph or plot using proper titles and labels.

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