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Problem B
How Tall are They, Really?

There were \(12\) players on the Canadian \(2020\) Olympic Women’s Basketball Team. The table below shows the height of each player.

Name Height
Natalie Achonwa \(6\) feet, \(3\) inches
Kayla Alexander \(6\) feet, \(4\) inches
Laeticia Amihere \(6\) feet, \(2\) inches
Miranda Ayim \(6\) feet, \(3\) inches
Bridget Carleton \(6\) feet, \(1\) inch
Shay Colley \(5\) feet, \(8\) inches
Aaliyah Edwards \(6\) feet, \(3\) inches
Nirra Fields \(5\) feet, \(7\) inches
Kim Gaucher \(6\) feet, \(1\) inch
Kia Nurse \(6\) feet, \(0\) inches
Shaina Pellington \(5\) feet, \(8\) inches
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe \(6\) feet, \(2\) inches

Source: https://www.basketball.ca/team-canada-en/tokyo-2020


  1. Create a stem-and-leaf plot to represent the heights in feet and inches of the players on the team. Use the number of feet as the stems, and the number of inches as the leaves.

  2. Using your stem-and-leaf plot, find the median height of the players on the team.

  3. Convert all the heights to inches, and then calculate the mean height of the players on the team. Recall that \(1~\text{foot} = 12~\text{inches}\).

    For example, \(6\) feet is equal to \(6 \times 12=72\) inches, so a height of \(6\) feet, \(3\) inches is equal to \(72+3=75\) inches.

  4. Assume that the mean height of a Canadian woman is \(5\) feet, \(4\) inches. How much taller, on average, are the players on this team?

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