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Problem B and Solution
Where’s the Audience?


The Pythagorean Triples are a rock band who recently returned from their second Canadian tour.

  1. Information about ticket sales for three of the venues they played at is summarized in the following table.

    Venue Number of Tickets Available Number of Tickets Sold
    Olympic Stadium \(60\,000\) \(45\,000\)
    Commonwealth Stadium \(55\,000\) \(44\,000\)
    BC Place \(54\,000\) \(48\,600\)

    For each venue, what percentage of available tickets were sold?

  2. Two years ago, the Pythagorean Triples played at the same three venues on their first Canadian tour. For each venue, the percentage of available tickets that were sold is shown in the bar graph below.

    The percentage of tickets sold at Olympic Stadium is 100, the percentage at Commonwealth Stadium is 60, and the percentage at BC Place is 80.

    If the number of tickets available for each venue was the same for both tours, which tour sold more tickets for these three venues combined? Justify your answer.


  1. To calculate the percentage of available tickets that were sold, we divide the number of tickets sold by the number of tickets available, and then multiply by \(100\%\) to convert the decimal to a percentage.

  2. We need to calculate the total number of tickets sold for the three venues for each of the tours.

    Since \(137\,600>136\,200\), it follows that the second Canadian tour sold more tickets for the three venues combined.