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Problem of the Week
Problem B
For Your Amusement

The map of an amusement park looks like a grid with six horizontal paths and six vertical paths. The main gate and five rides are marked with letters, as shown.

A description of the map follows.

All visitors must walk on the paths. It takes \(1\) minute for Anton to walk along a path from one intersection to the next, and \(5\) minutes to go on any ride.

  1. Anton arrives at the main gate and wants to go on two rides before returning to the main gate for lunch in \(25\) minutes. Which two rides could he choose?

  2. Starting at the main gate, Anton wants to go on the Ferris Wheel, the Airplanes, and the Bumper Cars, and then back to the main gate to meet a friend. In which order should Anton go on the three rides if he wants to be back at the main gate as quickly as possible?

Theme: Geometry