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Problem of the Week
Problem D
Fast Bikers

The top five finishers in a bike race were Albine, Farrah, Jasna, Nuan, and Terese, in some order. They all rode a different-coloured bike (black, white, green, blue, or red), and were a different age \((18,~21,~25,~26,\) or \(29)\). Use the clues below to determine each person’s age, bike colour, and final position in the race.

  1. The five people in the race were the person who finished first, the \(26\)-year old, Nuan, the person with the white bike, and Albine.

  2. Jasna rode the white bike and finished third.

  3. Nuan is \(3\) years younger than the person who rode the red bike.

  4. The oldest person rode the white bike and finished just before the youngest person, who rode the black bike.

  5. The person with the green bike finished first, and someone younger finished right after.

  6. Terese finished right after Nuan.

You may find the following table useful in organizing your solution.

A description of the table follows.