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Problem of the Week
Problem A
A Hop, Skip, and a Jump!

Alexis and her friends Mikai, Sophia, and Casper enter a team competition that involves hopping, skipping, biking, and rollerblading for a total of \(3\) km. Each team member picks an activity and must take turns completing a section of the course by doing their activity.

Alexis will hop for \(100\) m, then Mikai will bike the next \(150\) m, followed by Sophia who will rollerblade for the next \(200\) m, and finally Casper will skip the next \(50\) m. They will repeat their activity until the team completes the \(3\) km race.

  1. How many times does each member have to do their activity to complete the race?

  2. What fraction of the race does each team member complete? Put the fractions in order from least to greatest.

Themes: Algebra, Number Sense