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Problem of the Week
Problem A
Counting Collections

The students in Riverside Public School love to play a game called “Counting Collections”. In this game, the students collect objects, and the student who has collected the most objects wins.

Santosh has collected \(262\) erasers, \(451\) buttons and \(173\) pencils. Alyssa has collected \(489\) straws and \(446\) rocks.

To estimate who collected the most objects, they round the total number of each type of object, and then use the rounded numbers to calculate the total for each player. Santosh rounds all the numbers to the nearest \(100\). Alyssa rounds all the numbers to the nearest \(10\).

  1. Based on his rounded calculation, who does Santosh think won the game?

  2. Based on her rounded calculation, who does Alyssa think won the game?

  3. Who is correct? Justify your answer.

Theme: Number Sense