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Problem A
Counting Kits

Squirrels have babies twice each year, usually in March or April and again in July or August. Baby squirrels are called kits and a group of kits in one birth is called a litter.

The table below shows the number of kits a squirrel had over four years.

Month and Year of Birth Number of Kits in the Litter
March \(2020\) \(4\)
July \(2020\) \(8\)
April \(2021\) \(6\)
August \(2021\) \(3\)
March \(2022\) \(5\)
August \(2022\) \(4\)
April \(2023\) \(6\)
July \(2023\) \(4\)

What is the average (mean) number of kits the squirrel had in a litter?

Theme: Data Management