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Problem of the Week
Problem A
Sweet Treat

A single package of suckers contains \(25\) suckers of different colours: blue, red, yellow, pink, and green. There is an equal number of each colour of sucker in a package.

Miss Lolli surveys her class to find out what colour they would like to have for their special Fun Friday treat. The results of the survey are tallied as follows.

Colour Number of Students
Blue Tally of 4
Red Tally of 11
Yellow Tally of 2
Pink Tally of 7
Green Tally of 3
  1. If Miss Lolli wants to make sure that each student receives the sucker colour they would like, how many packages of suckers does she need to buy?

  2. After each student gets their sucker of choice on Friday, how many of each colour of sucker will she have left over?

Themes: Data Management, Number Sense