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Problem A
Disc Golf Distance

Disc golf is a sport where players throw a flying disc towards a target. A disc golf course is made up of several holes, each with their own tee box and basket. Players start by standing in the tee box and throwing the disc towards the basket.

Chippewa Public School is building a new nine-hole disc golf course on their property. They drew a plan for the course on grid paper, showing the tee box , basket , and hole number for each hole. The distance between grid lines is \(20\) m, and the centre of each tee box and basket is placed either on a grid line, or halfway between two grid lines.

A description of the plan for the course follows.

The length of a hole is the distance from the centre of the tee box to the centre of the basket. The length of a course is the sum of the lengths of all the holes, not including the distances between the holes.

Calculate the length of the disc golf course the school is planning to build.

Theme: Geometry & Measurement