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Problem of the Week
Problem B
It’s a Race

Manish, Diana, Isebel, Ris, and Ji-Yeong are the five runners in a \(400\) m race. Their friend cheered them on and took a photo partway through the race. The photo shows the following:

  1. Using the information given, determine the order of the runners in the photo. Fill in the blanks in the list shown below.

    The word START, followed by a list of five blank spaces, and then the word FINISH.

  2. The following five fractions represent the fraction of the course that each runner had completed in the photo. \[\frac{2}{3}, \frac{5}{6}, \frac{3}{4}, \frac{1}{3}, \frac{1}{4}\] Which runner completed each fraction of the course? Show your work using diagrams or equivalent fractions.

Themes: Computational Thinking, Number Sense