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Problem B
Introducing Olympic Sports

In August \(2024\), Paris, France will host the Summer Olympic Games. At these Olympics, breaking (also known as breakdancing) will be included for the first time. Over the years, the sports at the Summer Olympics have changed. The following table shows new sports at the Summer Olympics in the past \(40\) years, along with the year in which they were first introduced.

Sport Year
Artistic Swimming \(1984\)
Badminton \(1992\)
Baseball \(1992\)
Beach Volleyball \(1996\)
BMX Freestyle \(2020\)
BMX Racing \(2008\)
Breaking \(2024\)
Karate \(2020\)
Marathon Swimming \(2008\)
Mountain Biking \(1996\)
Rhythmic Gymnastics \(1984\)
Rugby Sevens \(2016\)
Skateboarding \(2020\)
Softball \(1996\)
Sport Climbing \(2020\)
Surfing \(2020\)
Table Tennis \(1988\)
Taekwondo \(2000\)
Trampoline \(2000\)
Triathlon \(2000\)
\(3 \times 3\) Basketball \(2020\)
  1. Organize and represent this data in a graph to show how many new sports were introduced each year.

  2. Create an infographic about new sports at the Summer Olympics using information from the table and/or your graph.

Theme: Data Management