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Problem of the Week
Problem C
Cubes Be Gone

A \(5\) by \(5\) by \(5\) cube is formed using identical \(1\) by \(1\) by \(1\) cubes.

Fifteen columns of cubes are then removed, five from front to back, five from top to bottom, and five from side to side. The columns that are removed are indicated by the shaded squares in the following diagram of the cube.

The three visible faces (front, side, top) of the 5 by 5
cube each have five 1 by 1 squares shaded as follows: The centre square
on the face is shaded, and the four squares connected diagonally to the
centre square are shaded.

Following the removal of the fifteen columns of cubes, what percentage of the original number of \(1\) by \(1\) by \(1\) cubes remain?

Theme: Geometry & Measurement