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Invitations to Mathematics

Provided below are links to a series of free booklets to assist mathematics teachers of Grades 4, 5, 6.

These books will stimulate interest, competence, and pleasure in mathematics among students. The activities are appropriate for either individual or group work. Collaborative activities allow students to construct their own meanings and understanding. This emphasis, plus the "Extensions'' and related activities included with individual activities/projects, provide ample scope for all students' interests and ability levels. Related "Family Activities'' can be used to involve the students' parents/caregivers.

Each book is intended to occupy about one week of daily classes. However, teachers may choose to take extra time to explore the activities and extensions in more depth. The books have been designed for specific grades, but need not be so restricted. Activities are related to curriculum expectations.

Printed versions of Invitations to Mathematics are also available for purchase.

Grade 4

Number Sense and Estimation All Kinds of Numbers?
Geometry Pattern and Colour
Data Management Our Classroom Community 
Patterns and Algebra What's the Pattern?
Probability Counting on Probability
Measurement Around and About

Grade 5

Number Sense and Estimation Numbers at Work
Geometry We're in Great Shape
Data Management How About Our School ?! 
Patterns and Algebra Picture the Pattern
Probability Let's Play Fair
Measurement Inside and Out

Grade 6

Number Sense and Estimation All 'Round Numbers
Geometry Net Quest
Data Management TV - Vice or Virtue? 
Patterns and Algebra Patterns all Over
Probability Probability in Action
Measurement Measures and Magnitudes