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Mathematics and Computing Contests

Canadian Team Mathematics Contest

The Canadian Team Mathematics Contest (CTMC) is a fun and challenging team competition.


Teams of 6 secondary school students in any combination of grades.


Written in April at the University of Waterloo and a day later by teams writing in their schools. See details for current year.
Solutions will be emailed to registered teachers on May 9, and will be posted online June 2, 2016.


  • team questions, where team members may collaborate (45 Min)
  • individual problems (45 min)
  • math relays — one student's answer to a question is needed by a teammate to solve the next question (45 min)
  • There are no calculators allowed during the Team event. Most calculators permitted during the Individual and Relay events.

Mathematical Content

The curriculum and level of difficulty of the questions will vary. Junior students will be able to make significant contributions but teams without any senior students may have difficulty completing all the problems.


  • In-School Participation:  One teacher and groups of six students participate at their own school over 3 consecutive hours. In-school teams participate unofficially.
  • OR At-UW Participation: Six students and one teacher from a Canadian school participate on the University of Waterloo campus from 11:00 am until 7:30 pm.

Registration Information

In-School Participation:

  • Schools register online by the deadline.
  • As many teams of six students as desired may write the contest for a single $50 fee.
  • In-school teams participate unofficially.
  • The day before the contest, we email the contest materials and instructions to the supervisor, who then photocopies the materials and administers the contest at the school. All questions are graded on an answer only basis.
  • The supervisor may be a teacher, administrator or another adult volunteer.
  • Supervisors may invite students from another school to join them at their own school for this event.
  • Instructions for running the event (subject to change). If you run the event with a large number of teams and are encouraging competition between those teams, you may wish to have a coach supervise each team, at least for the Relay Event. If you have a few teams and are emphasizing fun and fair competition, you may adapt the supervision arrangements to be less formal.
  • Watch this CTMC instructional video that describes the logistics and scoring of relays.

At-UW Participation:

  • Schools register online by the deadline.
  • There are a limited number of spaces. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. When you register, if you are not directed to the waiting list, then your registration secures a spot for your team. If there are already schools in the waiting list, then your registration adds you to the waiting list.
  • There is a limit of one team per school. 
  • A $330 fee includes lunch and dinner for the teacher and six students. For no extra cost you have the option of also having other students write CTMC at your school after the At-UW contest date.
  • Payment will be accepted by invoice only. Invoices will be generated just after the registration deadline.
  • Payment is due by Tuesday, March 21, 2017.
  • Teams must arrange and pay for their own transportation to UW. No overnight accommodations are available on campus. We can recommend nearby hotels.
  • It is not necessary to provide student names or dietary information to secure the spot. Teachers may finalize the line-up up to the date of the contest without notifying us.
  • Do you have more than six students at your school interested in the CTMC? For no extra charge, schools participating At-UW may also run the CTMC in your school after the At-UW event for as many different teams as you wish.
  • Watch this CTMC instructional video that describes the logistics and scoring of relays.

Contest Preparation

We recommend that students spend some time preparing for our contests by trying to solve problems. Many teachers use past contests in the classroom.


There is a small prize for the top at-UW team and top at-UW individual. Supervisors of teams participating in their own schools will receive statistics about the scores of At-UW teams, to get a sense of their relative standing. Coaches may use our system to generate certificates for participants.


For further details email our office.