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Make a Difference

Whether you’re an individual who wants to give to the CEMC, an organization that wants to sponsor our programs, a parent or educator who uses our educational resources, or a teacher who wants to volunteer with us, you can make an impact on mathematics and computer science education.

Join our committed community of donors, teachers, education advocates and parents and help inspire the next generation of creators, innovators and leaders in mathematics and computer science.

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Commit to the CEMC and commit to strengthening mathematics and computer science education from the ground up. Your special gift will help inspire the next generation of leaders in STEM, empower math and computing education globally and enrich the lives of kids through mathematics and computer science.

Contact Math Advancement to learn about how you can support the CEMC.

Become a Sponsor

An investment in the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing is an investment in the future. Sponsor the CEMC today and share your organization’s commitment to education with the world.

To learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities with the CEMC, contact Math Advancement.

Share Our Resources

Our hope is that our resources and courseware make it to as many teachers, students and parents as possible. You can help us achieve this goal by sharing our resources with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Our community of volunteers makes our work possible. Across Canada, volunteer secondary school teachers make a difference by leading CEMC workshops, marking contests, and contributing their expertise to the development of new resources and contest problems. Share your passion for education and help to further empower students towards greater success in mathematics and computer science.

If you’re a math or computer science teacher who would like to volunteer with us, contact us.